Welcome To My Artwork


Hello…and welcome to my artwork. My first love is acrylic on canvas with mixed media coming in a close second. It doesn’t stop at a stretched canvas however, walls make a very good canvas as well. As a matter of fact I’ve painted on all sorts of surfaces, wood stumps, rocks, walkways, patios, ceilings….










It’s been to my good fortune to have my work appear in a few of Medicine Hat’s fine institutions and many homes.

Here are examples of some of my canvas artwork:












Watch for the…



Along with my artwork I’ve been painting and decorating homes for my family, friends and clients for several years. Most of that happens here in Medicine Hat where I live but I have had occasion to do jobs in Calgary, Toronto and other communities.

There is something magical for me when it comes to enhancing the look and feel of a private home. I truly believe the day-to-day surroundings we live in have a huge impact on our emotional and mental wellbeing. Beautiful colors and textures, fabrics and surfaces, furnishings and decor once tastefully in sync just tickles me from the inside out.

My passion is to help homeowners beautify their living space to create a personal sanctuary of comfort, relaxation and joy. Whether it’s painting a custom canvas for a client, doing a simple color consultation or a full on décor enhancement, it’s so rewarding. I am excited to bring my decor ideas, suggestions, products and services to my customers.










Deborah Warken
Home Stylist and Artist